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Special Notes Concerning Certain Pieces

S001-004 very early works - probably from student days

S200-215 these are 16 piano pieces that were untitled and often undated. Ornstein decided these should be collected together and dubbed them "Metaphors."

S360-364 Sonatas # 1-3 were never written down and are thus lost. As Sonata #4 had been published and recorded as such, it was inappropriate to renumber it. In order to preserve sequence, the five sonatas are thus numbered 4-8.

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Special Notes Concerning Certain Pieces

S400-416 These waltzes were pulled together from a variety of unfinished sets.

S440-442 In the Yale archive there are several manuscript pieces (some in duplicate with varying names including Fantasy). These were collected as Three Fantasy Pieces.

S606-607 These two viola pieces were labeled Fantasy #1 and Fantasy #3. As there was no #2, the second was renumbered as #2.


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