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Ornstein wrote a great deal of music over the course of his very long lifetime. Between 1914 and 1925 his compositions were published by a number of different companies (Schirmer, Schott, Hansen, Breitkopf, Fischer, Boston Music Co., etc.). Between 1925 and 1974, after his departure from the concert stage, there were only two publications (both by Elkan-Vogel). Between 1974 and 1981 General Music Inc. published ten works. All of these publications are now out of print.

In 2012 Dover Publications issued a volume of Ornstein Piano Music. Included are the following sixteen works:

Suicide in an Airplane, Three Moods, Wild Men's Dance, Impressions of Chinatown, Piano Sonata No. 4, Impressions of the Thames, Impromptu No. 1, Fantasy Piece No. 3, Tarantelle, A Long Remembered Sorow, Metaphor No. 3, Waltz No. 5, A Morning In The Woods, Waltz No. 12, Waltz No. 9, Piano Sonata No. 8.

This volume may be obtained either through Dover Publications or Amazon

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The List of Works included here contains all of Ornstein's works known to the authors of the site. Some of these works were never named or dated. Those for which downloadable scores are presently available are clearly indicated in the list and clicking on them will cause the file to be downloaded and opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  As other works become available for downloading their entries will be updated. This list may well be incomplete as quite a few works listed and mentioned in various places appear to have been totally lost, although there is always the hope that copies of some of these may turn up at some point in the future. It is also known that some compositions which Ornstein performed many times were simply never notated at all.

There is an archive of many of Ornstein's manuscripts at the Yale University Music Library. That collection also includes copies of a number of his earlier published works. For works not found here, check the collection at Yale where orchestral parts, chamber parts, and manuscript copies may be obtained.

Score Layout

Each score consists of the following pages:

  • Page 1 - Front Cover (single sided)
  • Page 2 - Title sheet (single sided)
  • Pages 3 and following - music text designed to be printed two-sided. The first page of music is always a right-hand page, the next is left, etc.
  • Next to last page - Back fly sheet (single sided)
  • Last Page - Back Cover (single sided)

The images on the pages of the music text are shifted alternately left and right and the page numbers are arranged so that if pages (1 and 2), (3 and 4), (5 and 6), etc. are printed back to back, there will be appropriate margins for binding and the page numbers will be located in the upper outside corner of the page.

Corrections and Version Numbers

Although every attempt has been made to avoid and eliminate errors in the scores, some few inevitably remain.  Please report any errors you find to severo@Poonhill.com

When errors are identified in a score and corrected, a new version of the score will be placed on the web site and will be given a revised S-number.  For example, a corrected version of S654 will be labeled S654a; a corrected version of S654a will be labeled S654b, etc.  This revised S-number will appear not only in the listing of the scores but also in the lower right hand corner of page 1 of the actual score's PDF file, thus enabling users to determine whether they have the latest version.



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